Solutions for Rising Network Security Demands

System security issues are often a big concern for both owners of servers, and those, who support these servers. Maintaining an acceptable level of network security is a continuous process. That’s why we strongly recommend our customers to view system security as an ongoing process, and not a one-time interference.

Xplore Tech can perform a one-time security audit and take the necessary measures to improve your data safety, however the benefits of such actions would be temporary, simply because after a certain period of time the security level will drop.

The main question is – who will be responsible for maintaining the security of your information.

Cutting-edge technology is necessary to identify the continuously appearing threats, but knowledgeable professionals and established processes are also required. For a big number of companies, skillful security specialists are hard to come by. Many lack confidence in their capability to maintain quality network security, with staff deficiencies being called the top problem.

By providing managed support services to companies all over the world, Xplore Tech engineers have acquired the deep expertise in data security system that is hard to replicate by an individual organization.

Look at just some of the services that we offer:

  • Regular security audits
  • Updating and applying patches
  • Privileges restriction and files integrity checks
  • Intrusion detection
  • Antivirus software setup and management
  • Stopping unnecessary services and software on the servers.

How much would network safety services cost and what does the price depend on?

It depends on many factors: hardware and software used, the time you purchase when you order your subscription (one hour of one time service will cost more than an hour of work included in subscription).

Want to be confident in your data safety?

With Xplore Tech, even with the new threats emerging, you can be sure your company is protected and your security operations budget is not impacted. Contact us today and we will find the best way to optimize your system security.