HR Management System

We understand that every organization is different, which is why we work closely with our clients across the globe to offer the best HR Management System that can work with you, not against you. HR is about people, not numbers, and our software has been designed with that in mind. Human Resources are the base of your enterprise system. Managing staff well and putting them in proper position ensures smooth operation. With our HR module, achieving those goals seem closer.



Go Through The Details Quickly

The overview takes you quickly through what you need to know to start your workday. Your work calendar, announcements, leaves – all in a single page.

Complete HR Management System

The employee listing feature provides you the ability to keep all the personal details of an employee in a convenient digital format. You can even keep notes about the events of the employee, like- assessment reports, complains, increments and every possible detail you need.


Gather all Employee Information

You can put all the information of the employee in the employee profile page. You can even add custom fields in the form using a plugin.

See Entire Lifecycle

The interactive notes feature allows you to add information about any events like transferring to another location, salary increment, employment status and so on.


Evaluate Employee Performance

As the company owner or HR manager, you can take feedback from team leads and project managers about a specific employee and keep the discussion data on his profile. So when you are talking about him or taking a decision, that will help you for sure.

Add Private Notes

Private notes help you to mark an achievement of the employee. You may want to note that he worked overnight to fix a problem and you are really happy to share it with the company owner.


See Their Leave Details

Keeping records of leave requests offline and calculating them is a quite time consuming task. Our system will help you to see all the previous details in one click and will calculate the balances for you.

Easy Department Management

This feature allows you to list all the departments in the system. Later you can tag the employees with departments and create announcements for them depending on departments.


Designation Management

Designations listing helps you to save all the available positions. So you do not have to remember and type them each time a new employee joins in your company. Just select the designation from the dropdown.

Create Leave Policies

The company has some rules and entitlements to allow leave requests. You can list them in the system to be used by the employees and HR manager to keep things simple and easy.


Manage Leave Requests at One Place

We have streamlined the leave request reviewing process to make it easy to manage. Viewing all the requests on one page helps you to decide which member you might need during that time and whose request is legit.

Manage Holidays

List all the holidays in the year to apply the day offs automatically and calculate work hours easily.


Flash Important Messages

Need to send a message to a specific employee? or the whole office? This is the feature for you. It displays the message on the employees dashboard and sends and email too notify.

Useful HR Reporting

Need some quick reports for a presentation? Just click the buttons here to get graphical reports about the whole company depending on various factors.


Rich Email Templates

Customizable email templates gives you the freedom to reach your employees in the tone you want to. So you are free apply your best words and be creative.

Company and Location Management

List the main branch location and other locations to use them later in employee profile, invoice and many other places where you might need to enter the location details or the address.