Customer Relationship Management

Regardless of your business, your relationships with your customers are your greatest asset in a tough economy. Today, many organizations are looking at ways to become more client-centric, using supporting technologies such as customer relationship management (CRM) software. But, with all the CRM solutions available today, it can be difficult to know where to start in determining which solution best fits your needs.
With our CRM module, easily track and follow up a query to a customer with a positive attitude. The richest plugin for compliance which comes free!



Take A Personalized Approach

With Customer Status and Activity Logging, let your compliance team closely handle your honored customers with a positive character that reflects your company. The CRM module is designed elaborately to make every customer feel special.

Manage Contacts with Life State

Respond according to your customer status. Prioritize and compartmentalize your service for a greater efficiency.


Note that Important Stuff

In compliance service, it’s the details which matters most. So we let you keep a note or logs for everything. They’re like milestones of your progress and clues which will lead you to valuable insight.

Built in Mail Correspondence

Communicate through the integrated mailing system. Emails are trustworthy and it makes things easy because no tricky registrations are required for the customers.


Log Different Activities

Activity logging records all your interaction; from creating a contact to the development phases it goes through, the notes, the schedules, everything. This is a great way to check a client’s service history and observation can even allow you to handle future clients better.

Schedule a Meeting or a Call

Keep your team prepared for sealing the deal. Schedule meetings with your customer and representatives and notify with follow ups with calls or emails. The scheduling feature reminds you so that you are on spot.


Assign Tasks to Other People

Get your Sales and Marketing team involved and coordinate your customer support. When you need someone to go out there and get the job done, assign that personnel to the task without hassle.

Deal Companies Better

Make company profiles and handle multiple representatives seamlessly.


Advanced Contact Filtering CRM

Pin point the customer(s) you are looking for. Sort out with even partial keywords from attributes more than their names like country, city or cellphone numbers.

Filter with Saved Searches

You can always use your past search criteria to search again. So once you build a complicated filter, you can repeat it without taking the hassle over and over. Pretty handy to to provide a speedy support.


Group Your Contacts

Contact groups help you to provide a much more personalized and prioritized service to your customers. When you have contacts who are not from the same company but they have similar interests, or you have an interest to provide priority support to some customers, this is the thing you need.